Annual Accounts Preparation & Filing

Navigate the complexities of financial compliance and unlock a new level of efficiency and accuracy in your business operations.

Annual-Accounts Bognor Regis

Hassle-free accounts for financial freedom

Optimized financial health

Benefit from strategic insights that help reduce tax liability and enhance financial performance.

Timely and strategic filing

Neat Accounting guides you through the optimal filing strategies, ensuring your accounts are submitted on time to avoid penalties and maximise benefits.

Accurate and detailed preparation

Our meticulous approach ensures your end-of-year accounts are prepared accurately, reflecting the actual financial performance of your business.

Simplified compliance process

Rest easy knowing your financials meet all regulatory requirements without the headache.

Your Financial Year, Neatly Wrapped Up

Annual accounts made easy

At Neat Accounting in Bognor Regis, we understand that the end-of-year accounts process can often seem daunting. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a service that simplifies this essential task and transforms it into an opportunity for your business to shine.

Our end-of-year accounts preparation and filing service is designed to relieve the stress of closing your financial year. Focusing on accuracy, compliance, and strategic financial planning, we ensure that every figure is meticulously prepared and every filing deadline is met with time to spare.

Choosing Neat for your company accounts means partnering with a team that cares as much about your business’s success as you do. Let us handle the complexities of your accounts preparation and filing and step into the new financial year with confidence, clarity, and Neat Accounting by your side.

How it works

Your path to hassle-free year-end accounts

With Neat Accounting, you’ll experience peace of mind by knowing your accounts are in expert hands. We ensure that every detail is accounted for, from preparing the necessary figures to creating a complete set of accounts and meticulously reviewing every piece of information.

1. Bookkeeping

Our experts meticulously manage your bookkeeping, ensuring every transaction is accurately recorded.

2. Preparation

We prepare all necessary figures, guaranteeing a solid foundation for your accounts.

3. Accounts creation

A comprehensive set of accounts is crafted to reflect your business's financial health accurately.

4. Review & check

Each figure undergoes a rigorous review process, ensuring precision and reliability.

5. Sign off

The final documents are sent to you for approval, ensuring everything meets your expectations.

6. Submission to HMRC

With your go-ahead, we submit everything to HMRC and Companies House, always on time.


From New Start-ups to Expanding Businesses

Sole Trader Accounting

Sole Trader/Individual

Experience the difference of personalised accounting support crafted exclusively for sole traders and individuals. We’re here to alleviate your financial burdens and empower you to thrive as a small business owner.

Partnership Accounting


Fuel the growth of your partnership with accounting solutions that are finely tuned to your collaborative goals. Our tailored services liberate you from financial stress, enabling your partnership to flourish with clarity and confidence.

Limited Company Accounting

Limited Companies

Unlock the full potential of your limited company with bespoke accounting services meticulously crafted for your business needs. From compliance to strategic financial planning, we’re dedicated to optimising your company’s success every step of the way.


What our clients think about Neat Accounting

"Luke at Neat has been really helpful preparing my accounts and VAT return and made sure they were 100% accurate"


"Luke has made the whole process of doing a tax return very straightforward"


"It's been really helpful to work with Luke. He has been patient, efficient and seamless to date."


"Neat accounting has taken over accounts, great correspondence , fabulous apps, stress free for me."


Annual accounts preparation & filing from £599

We believe in clear, upfront pricing without surprises. Whether you’re just starting out or scaling up, schedule your free consultation with NEAT accountants in Bognor Regis today and see how we can make your business finances neat, compliant, and straightforward.

Got questions?
We've got answers

Navigating your annual account challenges can be tricky, but we’re here to make it simple. 

The deadline for filing annual accounts depends on the type of company. For private limited companies, it’s usually 9 months after the end of the company’s financial year.

Yes, all UK registered companies, regardless of profit or activity, are required to file annual accounts with Companies House.

Yes, we offer annual accounts preparation and filing services for various types of businesses, including sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies.

Typically, we would require bank statements, invoices, receipts, payroll records, and any other relevant financial documents for the financial year.

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